Janet-O And Slow Starts

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Janet-O is almost ready for work

For many of you early morning risers, Woody Boater has always been there for you. Me too. I always try and meet an 8AM deadline. But recently things have been a tad slow, and to top it off, the email widget is dead. And needs to be replaced, and while we are at it, Woody Boater needs a new bottom and so on. Can-O-Worms so to speak. And in a way kinda like restoring a boat while underway. Add to that some lagging COVID energy drain, and I find it harder to wake up at the usual 4AM. It will all get back to normal, whatever normal is. And in the mean time since not much is going on in the Woody Boater universe…. BTW always this way around this time of year.  And now speaking of some CAN-O, here is JANET-O

BACK IN THE DAY ON THE RAILS – Janet O is named after Janet and Olivia, the daughters of the owner. And yes Janet and Olivia are around and fantastic people. JANET-O sure has some amazing Karma