Wetnesday? I Have A Cool Idea!

Today as a public service we are going to try and use Woody Boater to help you cool off. Here’s how it works. First we got us some fantastic water spray photos from Steve Lapkin, Bob Kays and Kent O.Smith. Thats a huge great start. But will it really physically cool you down? No. So you need to get a fan. I will wait.. Here are some spray shots to get you all warmed, cooled up, off?

Boat Museum

A huge thanks to fellow Woody Boater Gary Michael from Inland Boat Works for sending in this report on the The New Hampshire Boat Museum auction in Wolfeboro N.H. Today! WHAT? Today? Okay, okay wait, there is an online part of this so thats good. Phew. So if you are reading this and want to help, you […]