Design Excercise

TSO- Homepage

It's pretty common to be asked to do a design exercise when applying for jobs. I did this one the other day, organizing information elements into the existing look and feel. It took some research to … [Read more...]

Super fast WordPress hosting

One of my clients was complaining about how slow their site had become. With good reason! Pages were taking 20-25 seconds to load which made for a frustrating visitor experience, not to mention … [Read more...]

New Project


Working on a redesign of a site I built a couple of years ago. This started as a blog site that documented the restoration of a rather famous vintage ocean racing yacht. In the intervening time it … [Read more...]

Stock Photos


I've started to expand my photography beyond my usual landscapes and recently posted a quick site to showcase photography that could be used as stock. San Francisco is such a picturesque city and I … [Read more...]

New Website


I'm working on putting my new website together so in the meantime have a look at some pretty pictures from my last backpacking trip at … [Read more...]