Design Excercise

TSO- Homepage

It's pretty common to be asked to do a design exercise when applying for jobs. I did this one the other day, organizing information elements into the existing look and feel. It took some research to … [Read more...]

Onward and Upward

Yeah, it's been a while since my last post. Big changes are afoot though. I just completed a 10 week immersive course in User Experience Design at General Assembly in San Francisco. I learned a lot … [Read more...]

Super fast WordPress hosting

One of my clients was complaining about how slow their site had become. With good reason! Pages were taking 20-25 seconds to load which made for a frustrating visitor experience, not to mention … [Read more...]

New Project


Working on a redesign of a site I built a couple of years ago. This started as a blog site that documented the restoration of a rather famous vintage ocean racing yacht. In the intervening time it … [Read more...]

New Illustration Site


I'm launching a new illustration site, time to shoot some samples. Many years ago I started out as an illustrator. Now after a long time working in the digital world I see the value of working in a … [Read more...]

Easy Email Promos


Started investigating the Mail Chimp email marketing system. So far so good. They have a variety of methods for creating an email campaign, either with a predesigned template or an easy drag and drop … [Read more...]

New Site Launch


Look forward to launching this site in September. Without a doubt my farthest flung client, a maker of sheepskin vests from Kazakhstan. They're actually quite nice. This site will be merged with an … [Read more...]

Logo Fun


This is an early draft of a logo I'm working on. It's for a wine tasting blog where the authors are wine experts who plan to visit every winery in Napa, eventually producing a guide. At first, I … [Read more...]

Stock Photos


I've started to expand my photography beyond my usual landscapes and recently posted a quick site to showcase photography that could be used as stock. San Francisco is such a picturesque city and I … [Read more...]