Super fast WordPress hosting

One of my clients was complaining about how slow their site had become. With good reason! Pages were taking 20-25 seconds to load which made for a frustrating visitor experience, not to mention trying to update the thing. I set about trying to diagnose the problem the usual way, Google it. There was a lot of helpful information to be had. The client site had been up for over 3 years and was mainly a blog site so a lot of junk had accumulated in the database, revisions, comments and various old plugins. But even after cleaning house and testing there was little improvement.

An article I had found earlier had been recently updated, basically saying “forget what I said before, do this…“. The this was move the hosting to They are a dedicated WordPress host. By todays super cheap hosting standards, they are expensive. But at about a dollar a day, a happy client with a rocket fast site is a bargain. Page load times dropped from 20+ seconds to about 1. I don’t know how they do it but speed is only one of the benefits. They have a lot of admin and support goodies as well. You can create a staging area with one click and then launch the newly updated site with one more click.

A big thumbs up for me, I’ll start recommending it to clients with larger sites or anyone who wants their sites to load in a heartbeat.

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